Join the Combat Evolution

Join the Combat Evolution

Total Training for only $47.99

Available now 4D online training pack 01 – buy now and gain access to over 20 videos that will change your game and put you on the 4D path-the new evolution in combat science.
See the techniques – Learn the finer points – be inspired

one code to rule them all

Boxing, Clinch or Weapons we use the same methods throughout

STRIKE – We teach you how to hit and not get hit and find space within space

CLINCH – We teach how to manipulate control and break

KNIFE – We teach you how to win at close quarters

STICK – We teach you how to kill their game


The 4D map! Gain control of the battlefield
Know what’s coming – find calm in the face of chaos
hit harder – be faster – Don’t get hit

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Bob is a legend in modern martial arts. Fighter, teacher, pioneer
from Karate through JKD and Kali to the new combat evolution
His students are a who’s who of modern masters

David ‘Malandro’ Onuma: 5 times European BJJ Champ, Leading JKD Kali Instuctor.

“Guro Bob's HIghly Functional Style is always at the cutting edge in terms of concepts and technique. 4D is his revolutionary method of imparting that knowledge to all in a simple and efficient way.”

Matt Chapman: The Mittmaster, Author, Leading Instructor, 500 Member Club Owner.

“Learning 4d has radically improved my striking. I'm able to do so much more with far less effort. I'm more efficient and have a simple strategy that works no matter what my opponent throws. 4D is genius. Thank you Bob.”

Mick Tully: Veteran JKD and Kali Instructor, Leading Martial Arts Blogger.

“The Godfather of JKD will make you an offer you can't refuse… This groundbreaking system is a distillation of decades of training with a connecting thread of what actually works. I was literally knocked sideways the first time I was on the receiving end of this whilst sparring. Even more blown away when I saw how quickly it can be taught. Believe the hype 4D is the real mccoy.”


Deadpool Actor Ed Skrien AKA Ajax
"When I was on set I felt like a fighter rather than an actor and that was thanks to Bob's education. He would teach me why we would do each strike and the endless possibilities of angles and combinations whilst making everything seem very simple, he also spoke a lot about a fighters mentality. The fighting you see on screen in Deadpool is made in 4D and Bobs image - I was just trying to look as bad ass as Bob!"

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Join the Combat Evolution

Join the Combat Evolution

Total Training for only $47.99